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We are extremely happy to let you know of the existence of the Chilean Society of Plant Biologists. This new society represents the germination and growth of a seed planted almost ten years ago by enthusiastic researchers throughout the country.


Tercer Encuentro Científico en Biología Vegetal y Biotecnología DIGV-UTAL

22 y 23 de Julio Universidad de Talca Espacio Bicentenario. Campus Lircay s/n, Talca Más información: http://digv.utalca.cl/

Fascination of Plants Day 2019

Estimados socios, Cada dos años, The European Plant Science Organisation organiza Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD). En 2017, se realizó la última versión

Open-source RNA Analysis Tool Takes Root in Plant Biology

An open-source RNA analysis platform has been successfully used on plant cells for the first time – a breakthrough that


HOW TO ENTER THE GPC/PPP #PlantsciART COMPETITION: Take a photograph, (or prepare a gif or video) of your plant science art