XLII reunión anual de la Sociedad de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular de Chile (SBBMCh)/ XIV reunión anual de la Sociedad de Biología Vegetal de Chile (CSPB)

“Una visión molecular e integradora de los sistemas biológicos”

XLII annual meeting of the SBBMCh/ XIV annual meeting of Chilean Society of Plant Biologists (CSPB), 8 al 11 de Octubre del 2019, Hotel Gavina Sens, Iquique

“A molecular and integrative view of biological systems”

Para el Congreso 2019, quedan:

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Before August 14th
After August 14th
USD 300
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USD 450
USD 550  
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USD 270 
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USD 210  
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Registration fee for participants include:

– Attendance to all scientific sessions – Opening Ceremony – Welcome cocktail – Lunches – Congress materials – Coffee breaks – Gala Dinner – Party

No poster or presentation fee


Opening Lecture: Roberta Gottlieb  

Severo Ochoa conference: Guadalupe Sabio  

Osvaldo Cori conference: Jorge Babul

PABMB conference: Marcelo J. Yanovsky 


Medalla Hermann Niemeyer 

Premio SBBMCh-Fermelo al mejor expositor y mejor poster 

Dr. Tito Ureta prize: Liliana Cardemil  

Mejor incorporación 

Accommodation cost

Tipo de Habitación PESOS
Habitación Estándar Singles o Dobles
$62.475 + IVA
Habitación Superior Singles o Dobles
$69.090 + IVA
Suite Gavina
$163.905 + IVA
Habitación Triple
$80.115 + IVA
Habitación Cuádruple
$90.405 + IVA

Para reservas escribe al correo reservas@gavina.cl


 Proteomics and its role on the study of virulence and host-pathogens interactions

Plant Breeding

Glucose and vitamin C transporters in health and disease. A tribute to Juan Carlos Vera

Plant Genomics

Simposio Cono Sur: Aptamers as molecular tools for biomedical applications 

Oxidative stress, ROS and related pathologies 

Simposio Chile – SBBq Brasil: Outreach, scientific education and the social role of science 


Plant Metabolism


Computational Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Multiscale Level: Different Points of View for Solving the Same Problem 


Plant Biotic Interactions


Cannabinoid and cannabinoid receptors: Molecular Mechanisms and Implications in Medicine 


ACCDiS – SBBM Symposium: Translational Cell Signaling and Metabolism  

Registration and Abstract Submission
Abstract Submission DeadlineAugust 14, 2019

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Instructions for the preparation of Abstracts

Title with authors 700 characters maximum.
The e-mail address of the person presenting the poster must be included.
Content including introduction, methodology, results and conclusions:  250 words maximum. Acknowledgements may be also included.

Instructions for the preparation of posters

In preparing your poster, include the following sections: Title, Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

At the top of your poster include the title and author list as in the submitted abstract. The e-mail address of the person presenting the poster must be included. The text, illustrations, etc. should be large enough to be read easily from a distance of two meters. We recommend the usage of basic fonts like Arial or Verdana.

Also, the following font sizes are recommended

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The dimensions of the poster board are: 90 cm wide x 1.10m long. The suggested final dimensions for posters are 90 cm x 1 m.
Please note that authors are responsible for putting posters up on time and then removing them at the end of each session.
Please refer to the Final Program for the assigned poster number and use the board with the same number that for your poster.
Materials necessary to hang up posters will be available.

All the poster and abstracts presentations must be in English.